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Rolec Services is one of the world’s leading specialists in outdoor electrical equipment.

Rolec design, manufacture and install an extensive range of products - including electrical connection, charging, hook-up and distrubution equipment.

Rolec were established in 1990 and presently employ over 100 personnel in our bespoke, purpose-built office, showroom, warehouse and factory complex. Now 25 years old, Rolec’s wide range of products is the most extensive of its kind and continues to grow via its distribution network of representatives in over 40 countries across the globe.

Rolec Services consists of four unique divisions, each focusing on a particular sector:

ROLEC EV - Europe’s largest range of electric vehicle charging stations and equipment.


Rolec EV is able to provide the lowest priced fully installed Home Charge points in the UK - you can get yours from as little as £149 (inc VAT)*

• 16Amp (3.6KW) socketed charge points from £149 (inc VAT)* (Tethered lead version available from £199)

• 32Amp (7.2KW) socketed charge points from £149 (inc VAT)* (Tethered lead version available from £199)

Charge Points Include: • Built in RCBO (overload and fault protection) • Built in IEC 61851-1 communication unit • Built in electrical contractor • LED status indicator • Full installation


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