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At SocialCru Utilities, our staff are everything that we do so it is vital that we invest in them today, tomorrow and in the future.. We commit to the training and development of our engineers. We help them to progress their careers and we work with them on their personal goals. 


Alex Gibson


Hi, my name is Alex and I am married to Gemma and we have two little ones, Amelie and Alexander JNR. I love the day to day challenges of business and I'm passionate about the whole team enjoying their work. 

In my spare time, I enjoy socialising with friends, love the footy and play golf where possible.

Location: Stockton Heath, Warrington.

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Ste Rose

Operations Manager


Hi I'm Ste Operations Manager at SocialCru with over 17 years in the metering industry! 

When i'm not in the office I love spending time running, footy, holidays, eating out but most of all being with my two little boys Jayden and Jermaine 

Founder & CEO

Lewis Tittle


I’m the energy manager here at Social Cru, I’ve been working in the energy business for 6 years and I know a little(!) about the energy market. Weekends consist of spoiling my 3 year old daughter. I’m an average arsenal fan (not much to shout about). My guilty pleasure is ketchup on EVERYTHING (even roast dinner!) and you wont stand a chance against me in a thumb war.

Energy Manager

Matt Beswick


I’m Matt, energy broker and sales. When I’m not spending time with my kids I love fitness and the gym, playing football and golf, nature and cooking. I’m extremely competitive and have a huge will to succeed, and love chatting to all of our clients and helping them save money.

Energy Manager

Bec P


I’m Bec P, the first half of ‘The Bec’s’ scheduling team here at Social Cru. I love working side by side with the other Bec and enjoy the day to day challenges of scheduling, it definitely keeps me on my toes! Me and my boyfriend Chris, have recently moved into our first home with our blue Staffie Kobe. I like travelling abroad and love nothing more than spending quality time with my friends and family.

“If you can be anything, be happy”

Scheduling Manager

Bec C

Scheduling Manager

I’m Bec C, the second half of ‘The Bec’s’ scheduling team here at Social Cru. My favourite thing about scheduling is chatting to and getting to know all of the different people I deal with every day. I’m a very sociable person inside and outside of the office. I love travelling with my boyfriend Tom to see different places in the world but there is nothing better than spending quality time with my family and friends.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

Stephanie Spencer
Stephanie Spencer

Account Manager


Hi, my name is Steph and I am married to Luke with two young boys called Harvey and Henry. I love spending time with my family and eating out when i'm not working and we have two young keen footballers. 

Location: Stockton Heath, Warrington.

Cassie Steward

Office Manager


I’m Cassie, the office manager/clown. You can usually find me in a corner planning what to have for lunch and trying to recruit other employees into the office fat club. I’m mum to a bonkers 2 year old called Jesse. Before him, I did lots of travelling, socialising and throwing magnificent parties in Hackney. Now I’m usually catching up with lost sleep, stray biscuit crumbs and Peppa Pig.

Jason Forrest

Field Team Manager


I'm Jason and I am field team manager for the metering team over at SocialCru. I have over 13 years of experience in the metering industry. I started as an engineer and later moved into a technical specialist role and then into coaching and team management.

I'm now tasked with managing a great bunch of engineers out in the field here at SocialCru.

I am married and also the proud owner of 4 male crumb snatchers (kids) .

My spare time is taken up mostly with coaching football and currently hold my level 1 FA coaches badge.


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