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Mi-Charge are installers for the innovative ranges of intelLigent EV charging points by manufacture Wallbox.

For home charging Wallbox have produced three ev plug in stations - models Copper, Commander and Pulsar.


The key features of using a Wallbox is that it is far quicker than with a conventional plug, The myWallbox online platform and mobile app provide all the detail on your charging activity and Wallbox is compatible with all domestic installations and all plug-in electric vehicles.


Key Features of Wallbox plug in stations

  •  Control: unlike conventional sockets, Wallbox prevents your electrical installation from overloading and allows you to adjust the power.

  •  Charging time: with Wallbox you can charge up to 8 times faster. Also, you can use maximum power to reduce charging times.

  •  Program the charging for off-peak hours: make the most of the times when energy is cheaper to save on your bills.

  •  Lock: you can lock and unlock your Wallbox locally or remotely to prevent unwanted use.


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